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3343 Hwy 169, Unit #3, Bala Ontario, P0C 1A0, Canada
3343 Hwy 169, Unit #3 Bala Ontario P0C 1A0

Water’s Edge Landscaping, was established in 1992. Hart focuses on putting the environment first and uses completely organic products for her customers’ landscaping needs. “I’ve seen the environmental water quality change in my life and I decided that I would not contribute to that when I started my business,” she explains. Her very successful business has earned 25 awards of excellence from Landscape Ontario, the Horticultural Trades Association.

Our hours operation are from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. We do work the occasional Saturday when the need arises. At Water’s Edge, we know your limited time for a cottage getaway shouldn’t be spent meeting with contractors, or shackled to a phone tracking down that guy who fixes broken barbecues and busted boats. Let us make those calls and arrange repairs in your absence. We’ll meet with the contractors. We’ll arrange all the services your cottage needs while you’re in the city. Even when you’re not physically there, we’ll deliver you peace of mind at the cottage. Regardless of the scenario, we’ll take care of checking off that ‘To Do’ list upon your return. Our maintenance teams are led by professional, certified and mature individuals who take great pride in their work. Our attention to detail and reputation for reliability is second to none. We specialize in teaching your gardens to thrive, not just survive. Eco-friendly practices have played a major role in our daily operations since 1992, providing both the customer and the environment the best maintenance service possible. We offer you the option to have our services billed at a monthly rate, or on an “as rendered,” basis. We offer the convenience of payment by Visa and invoices by email. Our maintenance services include either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly scheduled visit. Duties vary from property to property. Good Maintenance practices include weeding, watering, deadheading, picking up debris, staking plants, pruning, shearing, fertilizing, pest control, proper care of your annual plantings and mowing your lawn.

Spring Clean Up
Have your cottage grounds tidy and ready for your arrival. Reduce the mosquito population by having leaves and other winter debris removed before hatching season. Our spring clean up service includes:
• Gathering all fallen leaves and small branches from the paths, driveway, outdoor living areas, gardens and other understory areas as requested
• Deposit leaves in a predetermined location on your property for composting. Alternatively, we can remove leaves from your property (additional charge applies).
• Check and report winter damage from snow load, rodents, deer, ice etc…
• We will post photos of your property before and after the spring clean up work to your private cottage profile accessed through our website.
• Where applicable, we will prune, clip, fertilize and tidy the turf edges of your garden. If accessible, we will set up furniture, hoses, planters and other garden ornaments.

We also offer these landscape management services:
• Organically fertilize the garden beds
• Organically fertilize lawn areas
• Remove unwanted vegetation from outdoor patios, paths and driveways
• Apply deer and mosquito deterrents to garden areas and property vegetation
• Deliver and apply mulch
• Top up and prepare planting beds with sterilized triple mix

Included in our Peace of Mind program we can arrange:
• Boat washing
• Window washing
• Painting
• Hard surface power washing
• Interior cleaning
• Set out and clean barbecue and other outdoor accessories.
Our goal is to ensure ‘peace of mind’ at the cottage. We’ll take care of the chores so you can focus on relaxing and having fun!

Fall Clean Up
We are professionally trained to put your property to rest for the winter.
We know which plants to cut back, which to leave, when to prune, what to protect for winter, where to remove leaves, and where they should stay until spring for root zone protection. We will wash and store away your planters, furniture or other outdoor accessories. We’ll recommend the best healthcare practices for your plants, and follow up with organic, late-season fertilizer and mulches.


Annual Planting:
Our stunning window boxes and planters are of outstanding quality. We also design annual plantings for inside garden beds, on boathouse tops or for deck container gardens. We can create a customized annual planting for you based on your colour choice, property, and budget. Our outstanding maintenance program ensures that any annual planting we install lasts well into the season.

Garden Renovations:
One of our specialties is re-establishing neglected gardens into landscape features or attractive naturalized plantings. Our team is experienced at transplanting, sorting and re-combining existing plants with new additions to creatively present simple and elegant plantings. Garden renovations include an after care program to ensure the health and establishment of plants.
We also attend to renovating garden soils to eradicate weeds and provide a more suitable environment for plants, and renovate sodded areas into naturalized, native, low-maintenance spaces.

Planting Designs:
We specialize in designing and installing creative solutions for steps, walkways, paths, patios, terraces, plantings and maintenance. The topography and climate of Muskoka can create unique challenges. However, with help from our associate design and granite specialists at AJL Janssen Landscaping Ltd., we offer complete landscape development and renovation services to meet each challenge. Our planting designs balance environmental stewardship with each landscape’s “wish list.” Whether you’re looking for erosion control, summer colour or winter interest, our team will listen and respond with honest, creative solutions on time and on budget. Installations include an after-care program to ensure plant health and establishment.

Mulch enhances the look of a garden and creates an ideal condition for soil and plants.
Nine reasons to mulch:
• Inhibit weed germination and growth
• Eliminate cultivating
• Reduce the amount of watering required by preserving soil moisture
• Shield soil from raindrops, which can cause crusting
• Provide aeration
• Prevent erosion
• Moderate soil-temperature fluctuations; protecting perennial roots from exposure to the cold temperatures and drying winds of winter, and also providing insulation that keeps the root zone cool during a scorching summer.
• Encourages the growth of worms and other beneficial soil organisms that improve soil structure and increase the nutrients available to plants
• Over time, the mulch breaks down adding organic matter to the soil.

Team Leaders can identify the type of soil and when the soil needs to be amended in your planting areas. Amending soil maintains the proper depth for plants, solves drainage problems, increases aeration and replenishes important organic nutrients.

Pea Stone and River Rock:
Pea Stone can be used for decorative reasons, drainage control, filler between flagstone, walkways, patios, driveways, dog runs, playgrounds, and around hot tubs, fire pits and propane tanks. River Rock can be used for decorative reasons, drainage control and to protect the foundation and “drip-line” around dwellings.

Organic Fertilizers:
Organic fertilizers stimulate soil components and promote healthy root and grass growth. Our all natural lawn fertilizer holds onto the nutrients until the plant is ready for them, reducing the frequency of feeding. We estimate that a five percent increase in organic matter quadruples the soil’s water-retention ability.

The chemical process is no longer an option due to legislation by the provincial government, as well as the general public’s embrace of proper environmental practices. Manual weeding is labourious, slow, and ineffective on hard or paved surfaces. Thermal solutions are quick and easy to apply and leave no chemical residue. Our unique superheated steam system instantly cooks weeds into something resembling wilted spinach. Plant cells die at approximately 80 degrees Celsius, collapsing the weed and turning the foliage into a shade of dark green. Our superheated steam unit is perfect for weed control in public areas such as parking lots, municipal sidewalks, building perimeters and sensitive water areas. Our system may also be used directly on poison ivy patches and septic beds without the risk of harmful chemical leftovers or emissions.

We’ll create an inviting habitat for pest-controlling insects such as ladybugs. Just one ladybug will eat 2,400 aphids in its lifespan. Ladybugs also feast on mites and other insects that feed on various plants. We can create the setting that enlists the right soldiers to fight these pests on the front lines of your garden.

Farmers and master gardeners have been spraying garlic to keep insects away for generations. The natural sulphur in garlic repels insects including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and black flies. The smell overwhelms and chases insects out of the area. The odour of sprayed garlic juice becomes undetectable to humans within minutes and is safe for use in areas used by humans, plants and animals. Our unique garlic spray does not harm butterflies or bees and is completely safe for children, fish, birds, dogs and cats.

It’s a treat when deer visit your property… until you realize this visitor thinks your property is a treat. We have a way to prevent a deer’s interest in the points of interest in your garden. With one application of our repellent, deer will no longer view your trees, shrubs and flowers as an invitation for brunch. Depending on the location at the cottage where evidence of a deer banquet has taken place, we’ll know which safe-to-use deer repellent — egg solids or garlic spray — needs to be applied. One of our deer repellents is putrescent egg solids, which simulates the odour of decaying proteins and triggers a scent of a nearby predator. The other is an organic cocktail that includes garlic oil, creating a wafting stench deer can’t stand.

We service the area in and around the Muskoka Lakes including out lying areas such as Bala, Gravenhurst, Windermere, Bracebridge, Port Sandfield, Mactier.

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